Sunday, May 27, 2007

We're back

again. This time from a little loop around the lake with the visiting Ps. More soon.


Anonymous said...

You talked me into it. I have been reading and vicariously living cheap off you. But at last my conscience - or should I say sense of nobility and honor (am I good or what?) - caught up with me. So now I confess and I know you know as I know i know you know that I have been reading your blog for quite sometime. Well not religiously. But regularly enough to qualify for membership in the BEP and SJD fan club. Yep!
You got me hooked with your biking escapades. Why? Because I am also an avid rider and the bike route along Lake Shore in Chicago is my second home. Ah, did I tell you I was born in Ghana... many and many and many moons ago. I am half Ghanaian, to be precise. So you see the bifocal interest I have in your blog.
Well, I am not checking my spelling and I say, why should you! You write as you feel and see things and that is how it should be. Great God! Let censorship remain the domain of the remaining communist parties of the world. You write with your human cap on and that is fine with me. Leave the name-calling to those who are not content to see with their own eyes but also want others to see as they do. So, you are doing fine by me and I will continue to patronize your blog. You hear!!
Kwasi Appiah

Brian said...

Right on Kwasi! We're glad you find the blog interesting. I have Chicago in my blood as well, although it has been tainted with Washington most recently. Oh well.

Entries will be a bit more sporadic now that work has found me.

Keep reading and riding.

Eric said...

Hey Pooch and Susan. Finally caught up with your blog after Scud passed me the address. Great reading about your adventures, and good to see you're both doing well. I'm still not able to ride much on account of the back, but it's fun to read about the nascent mtb scene in Accra. Anything like Moore Fun out there?

Eric v.