Monday, February 11, 2008

Pharaohs v Indomitable Lions

As Marta mentioned, Ghana was host the African Cup of Nations for the past three weeks. An event much more exciting that my sock sorting for sure...
Millions of spectators were expected to swarm to newly constructed or refurbished stadiums in Accra, Tamale, Secondi and Kumasi. Ghana's Black Stars promised to keep the cup in Ghana. While neither expectation nor promise materialized quite as planned, the pride and spirit felt on the streets of Accra was hard to ignore. Businesses closed early. Night guards huddled around grainy TV's or transistor radios.
I managed to catch three games in Accra. Ghana defeating Morocco. Cameroon eliminating Ghana. Egypt winning the cup by beating Cameroon in the finale.

SJD waving the flag for Cameroon in Sunday's finale versus Egypt.

A not quite filled stadium in Accra moments before kick off. Most seats were filled once the game started.

Ghana's Black Stars defeated Ivory Coast's Elephants to take 3rd place in the 16 team tournament.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Sooner or later all that was new and interesting becomes old and ordinary. I include myself in that analysis of course, although SJD, diplomat that she is, would likely conjure up a statement to the contrary. I hope at least. Right hon?

So we've settled into a bit of a routine here. Already eh? Yup, eighteen months in and we don't have anything new and/or exciting to report covering the past eight weeks apparently. Note the date of the previous post.

Why just today I was contemplating organizing my sock drawer, when it dawned on me that, today being Friday, I have all day Saturday to complete said task. I could do it then. Then an even more ingenious realization entered my mind. I've worn socks perhaps ten times in the past eight weeks. Finding an appropriate pair shouldn't be too much of a problem really. Barring any mood swings of Mother Nature, this open toe trend is likely to maintain its current path.

Sort neck ties darkest to lightest? Puuuuuulleeeezze.....

Well, looks like Saturday's plans are wide open.

Friday, February 01, 2008

So here we are in February already. While many of you shoveled snow or braved ice slickened trails to get in some winter riding, I washed the harmattan dust off the car and rode the stationary trainer indoors...again. Yup, we've just come through the "cold" season here. Our very polite and diligent guard, Godsway, battled the evening chill with a trench coat. Babies were bundled up with blankets and hats. Moto couriers fought the biting chill with with appropriate gear. We obronis simply enjoyed the respite from sweating the moment we stepped outdoors.

Sure the trees lose their leaves and exercise outdoors usually concludes with a hacking fit and blurry vision. In spite of the dust, we quite enjoyed the harmattan break from normal heat and humidity. The dust blown down from the Sahara lays a thick haze over Ghana. You can stare directly at the sun without going blind. Not sure why you would want to do that, but you can... And did I mention that every outing does not produce 4 gallons of sweat? Alas, the harmattan has passed and heat and humidity are back with a vengeance. The haze is still here. And to make it even worse, the Black Stars lost to Cameroon in the semi-finals of the African Cup of Nation Soccer tournament.