Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weather update

Time to update the blog.

Has anyone paid any attention to the weather feed residing on the right sidebar? Either it doesn't work, or the weather is stuck on uncomfortable.

I look out the window every morning at 6:10am to pretty much the same scene.

Weather - Accra, Ghana
The forecast for Accra, Ghana for Today: sunny. Max Temp: 33°C (91°F), Min Temp: 26°C (78°F), Wind Direction: SW, Wind Speed: 9mph

So, seeing no more use in reminding myself of the what has become the norm, the weather feed is kaput.


Mark said...

just catching up w/ your blog after losing the link for a while -- BP, you're a damn good writer for an engineer! Driving in Accra sounds harrowing. Sure it's much better than being on a bike. And what's this w/ SD taking naps BEFORE a ride!

ruth said...

Greetings from California (still)

Just spoke with the female, i.e. mother, carnivore, who is preparing for her big trip to Accra. Looking forward to the stories!!!