Monday, March 19, 2007


So after numerous emails and phone conversations, dead-end leads, seven interviews, and one really bogus job offer, my six month selective mini-vacation has come to an end. Yup, a job has found me in Accra.

This is good. Oprah reruns were getting boring. The long morning road rides were turning a bit lonely.

I'll be part of the development team managing the construction of a 260 room five-star resort hotel, conference and retail center in the heart of Accra. It appears to be a pretty decent project on paper. I'll have many of the same responsibilities I had in DC, and perhaps a few more. The on-site mock-up is a good indication that a high expectation of quality will be maintained.

And yes, I can bike to work as long as I can tolerate the heat.


Vince said...

Sounds cool, Pooch. How many hours do you have on the bike this year? Do they have other 5 star hotels in Accra? What's a good 5 star hotel there go for a night?


Brian said...

Not sure. Consistent any sort of training I did in DC, I'm very inconsitent with setting a regular schedule. Probably 15 hours a week.

The two or three fancy hotels here seem to run $300-500. Needless to say, when we roll out of town we're staying at the perfectly clean and comfortable places (if not quirky) in the $10-20 range. You can stay for even cheaper and still not be camping. I get the sense you can drop $75-100 and be really disappointed though.