Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ghana @ 50 - two perspectives

Two similar but different reports of Ghana @ 50 from western perspectives.

Smart and balanced from National Public Radio.

Touchy-feely from Voice of America. Ummm....okay.

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The Bandit said...

I can appreciate and even relate to mechanical aircraft breakdowns,,but thank God the problem was on the ground and not the in the air. One must take control of your own misfortune and deal with it accordingly. I am a former US Marine,,,and have played football in civilian life,,and I have learned that we must always have a back up plan in case the first one does not work. We must understand that we will not be treated as well by foreign airlines and countries as we are in the US,,which is why we need to plan alternatives on our own. I yoo have traveleled on this very Airline to these very countries and have noting but praise for them. I have learned that if you appeal to the airline staff they will be willing to help...if one demands,,they become very defensive and go by the rules. I was delayed by bad weather in New York,,,i was told i would have to wait 3 days for the next available flight,,,but with an apeal for mercy,,they found alternate routes and I was on a flight the following day, I had more stops and spent 28 hours in an aluminum tube,,,but I was at my destination only 1 day late insead of 4. For the hotel accomadations,,it is up to you to maintain contact with the airline people,,if you dont,,disaster is almost certain. The first thing I do is locate a cash station, get some local currency, buy a cheap cell phone(many are available for as low as $42) and get some time on it and make what ever important calls you need. When all is said and done,,you then try to seek reimbursement from the airline, but dont expect it. I was routed from Chicago to Cincinatti, to frankfurt, to Lagos then to Ghana,,,I was thankful to have had the experience to see the sights I would have not normally seen. We often take it for granted, that these foreign countries will pamper us as we would be in the US,,,just be thankful that all that happened to you was a slight inconvenience. I have traveled several millions of miles, and I always plan alternates as much as I am able, there are no guarantees on what may or could happen