Monday, January 08, 2007

Left to draw our own conclusions

aaGuide books understandably do not provide all the answers. Sometimes we have to see for ourselves what lies down the road. Get lost. Fill in the gaps. Accept that we don't understand what we see. Even then we can not always explain what it is, or why and how something belongs there. Some examples from this past weekend's trip out east.

Tombstone miles from any village - What was this guy's record?

Miles of deserted sandy beaches and warm water (low tide). Where is everyone? Is the rip-tide really as bad as they say it is? We didn't check.

Miles of deserted littered beaches (above high tide line). I think I understand some the factors that result in beaches looking like this. It is quite a complicated problem to address. Way more complicated than an abundance of litter bugs.

What is the meaning of this symbol, and why is it on every plastic chair?

Bold and daring means of moving goods. This is nuthin' too.

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