Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Critters beware!

Who doesn't like to be the first person to spot the local critters when traveling?

Australia is covered with all sorts of interesting critters. We were fortunate to catch a glimpses in the wild of killer whales, cassowary, crocs, stingray, piranha, clown fish, many more fish, even more birds, lizards of all sizes, 'roos, wallabees, a snake or two, and, my favorite, the shower frog. No dingos.

In Washington State we were able to get close enough to this guy returning from our Alpine Lake wilderness hiking trip.

So far in Ghana, we've had modest success with our limited travel. Baboons, vultures, eagles, bats (lots of bats), grass cutters, strange insects. On two occasions now, the hired guide killed the critter much to our alarm, even though it did not appear to present any immediate danger. The snake pictured in an earlier post - crushed buy a rock. The guide initially said he was just scaring it away, but "accidentally" hit it. The second tossed boulder did him in for good. It seemed unnecessary.

This past weekend at Xofa, I noticed something moving past my shoe in the dark while eating dinner. We grabbed a flashlight and spotted a 4" long black scorpion scurrying past. We gave it distance and notified the adjacent guests and wait staff so they could look at it. The immediate reaction of the wait staff was to drop a heavy rock on it. Seemed a bit extreme.

So much for eco-tourism...

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