Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Susan and I hosted about twelve friends, spouses and co-workers last evening to a somewhat traditional dinner. We managed to procure three turkey breasts (or would that be six?)...well, the bodies of three turkeys in any case...minus the wings. The rest of the menu was kinda cobbled together with last minute trips to the three local grocery stores, two liquor merchants, the commissary and local vegetable stands. One-stop shopping seems so amateur :-) Next year we'll be prepared!
So here is the menu.

Wine and beer
Hommos and pita chips
Cheese and crackers
Carrots and celery sticks

Roasted herb turkey breast
Yams and apple casserole
Roasted potatos with garlic (lots) and red onion
Roasted green beans with dill and mustard sauce.

Famous chocolate wafer log
Ice cream
Apple pie
Pumpkin pie
Pound cake

We wish we could have shared the day with even more of our friends and family, but hope that each of you did the same someplace.
We're especially thankfull to report that everyone reported to work today without food poisoning.

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Brian said...

Oops. Susan points out that spinach caserole, corn bread and roasted potatos WITHOUT garlic and green peas were on the menu as well.