Monday, November 20, 2006

Meet the Chain Gang

Here is our local bike club, The Chain Gang, getting ready for another Sunday morning ride. They meet at 8am, chit-chat for a while until someone decides to roll out - usually around 9am. First stop is generally 9:02 at the local gas station to pump up the tires. Around 9:15 we roll out in earnest. We were told by two Australians that 8AM GMT is also known as Ghana-Man Time. Makes sense.

Yesterday, Sunshine (white/blue shirt, shorts with yellow stripe) informed us that the ride would take us out to the former salt ponds area west of Accra. I've explored quite a bit by bike, but have yet to go many places alone - somewhat for safety, but also because maps detail is lacking.

Some more photos along the way.

Approaching Independence Square on the way out of Osu.

Passing through Jamestown.

A very determined and impatient driver.

Ah, the things that you don't experience speeding along in a air conditioned car. The blaring high-life music. Curious children.

Traffic jams. Weaving and rattling tro-tros loading and unloading passengers. The open gutters and odor. those tro-tros at Kaneshi Market.

The ride was dragging on and seeming more like a death race than a recreational ride. We decided to call it a day and meander back home on our own.


ruth said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Brian and Susan. Glad to meet the Chain Gang and to view how you share the road with those air-conditioned vehicles. (By the way, has yours arrived yet?)

Brian said...

No car yet, although it has been sitting in customs for nearly a month now while the expeditor sorts out his paperwork - which seems to be quite challenging. So only thirteen weeks since we last saw it in Baltimore and frustration is setting in. I wasn't terribly attached to the car, but relying solely on bikes, taxis and kindness of friends w/ cars has it's limitations.