Monday, October 23, 2006

Inaugural Ghana Aluminum Man Triathlon - Akosombo, Ghana

Here we are with the Directeur Sportif of the inaugural Ghana Aluminum Man Triathlon.

Simon Hankinson explains the format of the event.

Run 2.8 miles,
Swim 500m across Lake Volta
Bike 16.5 miles
1800' of elevation gain

Simon - "We'll run to this point right over here."
Dylan - "Hmm...okay. I've seen worse."
David - "Looks kinda steep."
Brian - "I can't even see the water from where I'm standing."
Simon - "Look just beyond the weeds."

Simon - "Perhaps we can just hack through the weeds and throw a rope down the slope. No problem."

Simon - "At this point, you'll enter the Volta River and swim 500m to the other side. We'll give this guy a few cedis to pluck any stragglers from the water.

Brian -"What was that about bilharzia?'

Simon - "Anyone not swimming can add another mile to the run by going over the bridge to the bike segment."

Actual race recap to follow...

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