Thursday, April 03, 2008

High-Tech Trash

Here is something to think about from National Geographic. All credit to NG.

High Tech Trash or

I've seen the kids pushing carts of discarded electronics across Accra town. Smelled the wretched burning as I was riding here and there. I didn't really understand what they were doing or where they were going with their haul.
Thinking that you're doing the right thing by recycling is getting more and more complicated.


Eric said...

Hey Brian,

My nephew is traveling to Ghana in May with his graduate school. Are you guys around then?


Brian said...

Yup. Check you email Sunday PM.

camps said...

Everything has gotten more complicated. You're getting quite a unique perspective living there.

gwadzilla said...

you are back!

why no Ed Sanders?

Brian said...

We were in Chicago. Hopefully this weekend or next. Fort Reno CX felt good....

Foong said...

hi Brian,

I am trying to find more information regarding Mountain biking in Ghana. eg. getting a bike worthy of offroad biking.
Could you help?
Email me at


Brian said...

Hey Foong,

We're no longer in Accra. Best bet for picking up something locally would be to look north of Nkrumah Circle on Nsawam Rd, in Accra. Plenty of used bike dealers there.

Alternatively, you could contact the owners of Aburi Bike and Hike tours up in Aburi. Ask for Kofi. While you're there you'd might as well take him up on a day tour. He can likely hook you up with other like minded riders (mostly expats) that ride there regularly.

Good luck. said...

Brian.... i am assuming that the Ghana Aluminium Man Triathlon was a joke? Or did it actually happen?


Brian said...

@ Rich - The GAMT really did happen. We're talking maybe a dozen participants... I wonder if anyone has picked up tht reigns.