Thursday, December 13, 2007

N6 10.409 W0 05.012

Here we have two rides worth of GPS data overlayed on GoogleEarth. Both rides started from Aylos Bay Hotel - more or less at 1 o'clock on the image and proceed clockwise.
In red, Chris, SJD and I headed down some valley and up to a ridge top. Eventually we turned around since we were not certain which trails lead where.
In blue SJD and I did a 42 mile road and dirt road ride. Maps were accurate enough showing the intended route on lightly traveled paved switchback mountain roads, however we still missed one turn as indicated by the little spur on the left side. Luckly the topo maps indicated the power transmission lines running parallel to the road. It was enough information to tip us off we were indeed on the wrong track.
Back on track one valley over heading NE we were expecting some dirt road, but were a bit surprised when road surface deteriorated so badly about half-way in. Packed dirt gave way to sand washes and exposed rocks before reaching Akasambo.
Notice the yellow spot in the center of the image - land clearing fire. Lake Volta is a the top. The Akasambo Dam is just barely visible at the top of the blue loop where the lake gets skinny.

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