Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Timber !!

This photo was snapped last weekend along a path we have covered many times now over the last year. Just beyond the bend were several much larger stacks of freshly cut 2x12 planks.

Illegal logging? Perhaps. Chainsaws are often heard buzzing away in the forests, but are rarely ever seen. Boards processed in the cover of the forests are carried out to the dirt tracks one by one.

An arcticle that appeared today on the BBC website below.

Ghana hopes for EU timber deal
Ghana hopes a new timber trade deal with Europe will reduce illegal logging but activists warn that time is running out for the West African country's trees.

Read the rest of the article here:


camps said...

Don't know if you have the same e-mail, so I'll just post this link here about street maps for Ghana.

Brian said...

Thanks Larry. I'll pass this along to SJD's work folks. I wonder if this means Ghana will eventually adopt addresses. Right now houses/businesses are located by proximity to landmarks and directions.

We've got quite the set of 1:50,000 maps of Ghana for the areas we bike. Original data from 1974, but not much has changed. A bit pricey, but much more reliable than anything available commercially so far.

Same email BTW.