Monday, August 06, 2007

Another good weekend in the Volta Region. Weather looked threatening, but held off for the most part. Just a few sprinkles, but the clouds and fog kept temperatures comfortably in the 70sF.

SJD unfortunately pinched a nerve in her lower back before the rides even started. Simple movements were excruciating, so she decided to hang out at the lodge and get in a few short hikes when I returned from riding.

I headed out on two familiar, but somewhat remote routes laden with the GPS, cell phone and maps, camera as well as the requisite bike parts/tools, food water and enough good natured greetings to go around. All went well enough even if the rocks were slippery and trails were overgrown. The image above shows the GPS bread crumb track of the two rides overlayed. Green is day one. Pink (hard to see) is day two. The yellow squiggle indicates the Ghana/Togo border about 2 miles into the distance. Ain't technology grand?

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