Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ghana, bamboo and bikes.

The following article appeared in the Los Angeles Times. Dan, from home forwarded it to me.

Bamboo bike quite the offshoot

By J. Michael Kennedy, Times Staff Writer June 18, 2007

Funny where an idea will take you. Ten years ago, Luna the dog — part pit bull and part Labrador retriever — was gnawing on a piece of bamboo growing behind Craig Calfee's bicycle shop outside Santa Cruz.On Sunday, Calfee was due to arrive in the West African nation of Ghana, intent on making bamboo bikes for the desperately poor. Chew toy to bicycle. Whimsy to good deed. Santa Cruz to Ghana.
More of the article here.

The Calfee bamboo bike image here.

So, SJD and I will likely meet Mr. Calfee and his group tomorrow afternoon to chat about Ghana, bamboo and bikes.

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