Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ax les Thermes + more snow = more pain

"Stop! She's only going to march you up a hill, until your feet are cold and wet."

(I've heard stories of SJD and cousin Sheila snow hiking in the Italian Alps, yet I still followed.)

A quick break to down some sausage, cheese and fruit before things get steep and deep.

The next day we rented snowboards at Ax les 3 Domaines (the ski area near Ax les Thermes) yet another recent TDF mountain stage climb. Markings of "Armstrong 7" as well as many other rider names can still be read on the pavement of the winding ascent.
I'll just say two things about this day. The French are completely tolerant of two hopelessly inept adults tumbling down mountains with a board strapped to their feet. After two failed attempts to master the pommel lift, we resorted to walking to the top of the bunny slope. Oh what fun that was. After that we went straight for the big stuff, simply because the chair lift was less intimidating. We proceeded to tumble down a large portion of the runs without interupting too many kiddie ski schools, but leaving nice divets. I recall a few well executed surfy turns, but they were usually followed by an even more spectacular digger. Yeah us! The mountain scenery was worth all the bruises though. Bikes...stick to bikes...
(It just occured to me that you're probably reading these entries in reverse order of which they occured. Sorry. Perhaps you can turn your monitor upside down.)


camps said...

Any photographic proof of these "surfy turns"? It ain't easy trying to teach yourself snowboarding, and it takes everyone a good 2-3 days to link a few good turns together.

Brian said...

Sorry nope. Two - 3 days and some really wide slopes would have been helpful...perhaps.